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A WebSite for 1964 Mercury Comet Information and Production Numbers

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1964 Mercury Comet .................
In 1964 Mercury made major changes to their Comet. What once was the mid-size economy car image from 1960 to 1963, now restyled to change the look and feel with new V-8 engine selections, new sheet metal lines and a more complex grill to name just a few.  The comet remained a close relative to the Ford Falcon. There was more than one model to choose from. Including a hardtop coupe, four-door sedan, convertible and station wagon, all with a standard bench seat and six-cylinder power. These Comets boasted decent handling and an economical purchase price. Comets were noted to be very fun and economical.
An even sportier off shoot of Comet’s top-line was the Cyclone. A hardtop coupe with standard bucket seats, console and a 289 V-8 with a four-barrel carburetor rated at 210 hp. Engine appointments included chrome valve covers, chrome air cleaner top insert, chrome oil filler cap, chrome oil dip stick and chrome radiator cap. Distinguished by less exterior brightwork, simulated chrome-reverse wheels with exposed lug nuts, a tachometer, three-spoke woodgrain steering wheel, special interior trim and chrome engine dress-up. A special insignia with the word "Cyclone" and a checkered flag adorned the lower section of the front fenders.
The Comet got a boost in its performance image when a fleet of Comet Caliente hardtops averaged more than 105 mph for 100,000 miles in Daytona. Specially built drag racing Comet's with 427 big blocks also were making some noise on the tracks.  After results of this endurance run were publicized, sales of the new Comets began to increase dramatically.  Mercury also set out to prove great durability of the comet when they competed in the East African Safari. At that time it was known as the most demanding toughest rally with over 3188 miles of the worst roads and trails in the world. Comet did not win the rally, however they did prove to have a durable automobile that was able to absorb brutal punishment and keep on going.

Production numbers for 1964 Comets and Base Price....


4-dr Sedan 6P 2668 27218 $2,350.00
Caliente 2-dr Hardtop 6P 2688 31204 $2,375.00
Caliente 2-dr Convertible 2861 9039 $2,636.00
Comet 202 4-dr Sedan 6P 2580 29147 $2,182.00
Comet 202 2-dr Sedan 6P 2539 33824 $2,126.00
Comet 202 4-dr Station Wagon 6P 2727 5504 $2,463.00
Comet 404 4-dr Sedan 6P 2588 25136 $2,269.00
Comet 404 2-dr Sedan 6P 2551 12512 $2,213.00
Comet 404 4-dr Station Wagon 6P 2741 6918 $2,550.00
Comet 404 4-dr Villager Wagon 6P 2745 1980 $2,734.00
Cyclone 2-dr Hardtop 6P 2688 7454 $2,655.00

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